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This is common for background apps that are required to be running so they restart automatically after quitting, all good!
Yes we do.

If you’ve purchased the app through the Apple App Store, Apple handles all refunds, subscription cancellations, and requests directly.
Here are instructions for how to do that.

If you did not get your version of WidgetWall from the Apple App Store,
please contact us, let us know if you’re using the Paddle version or the SetApp version.
Thanks for helping us! Feel free to contact us and we’ll work on it as soon as we can.

Any information you can provide that may help us replicate the bug (steps or actions you were taking when the bug happened, any screenshots or descriptions) would be incredibly helpful!

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Contact Support

The best way to open a support ticket is to do it through the app Preferences > Support > Contact us.

Why? Good question! Because that way together with your question we’re able to view a system report that can help us solve your problem faster.