A fresh start without a restart.

Quickly Quit ✋​

Quit one, some, or all apps from one tidy spot. Apps will prompt you to save any unsaved work before they close.

Optional Force ⚡️​

If your app is stuck or saving isn’t a concern, force it quit and start-again. Use Alt to toggle from Quit to Force Quit, your work here is done.

Auto Quit ⚙️​​

Automatically quit unused apps after a certain amount of time.

Hide and Seek 🙈​

Easily see every app running in the background, and shut ‘em down.

Customize It 🤓​

Customize the settings and shortcuts for even faster future-use.

Light+Dark Modes 💡​

It’s like having a secret superpower for going easy on your eyes.

Quit now.

Lifetime license, only $10.


Desktop widgets for your Mac.


A fresh start without a restart.


Emoji faster.


Golden ratio without the math.​​