Golden ratio without the math.​​

Utility of Great Proportion 😎

Golden rule of thirds, regular and diagonal rule of thirds, baroque proportions… A host of Goldie rulers that overlay on your Mac screen.

Adaptive Ruler 📐

Goldie App adapts to background color while applying an overlay ruler on your screen. Ruler-referencing made simple!

Quick and Clean 🧼

Switch between Goldie rulers with your preferred shortcut. Flip or lock in place with the click of a button!

Golden Ratio Calculator 🧮

Goldie gives exact numbers, always. Measure from any ratio point – on or off screen – with design projects of all types.

Easy with Ease 🍳

Goldie lives in the top menu bar for easy opening and overlay, or drag and drop SVG guides in any program. Light and dark mode options for whichever works best for your eyes.

Advanced Settings 🤓

Goldie uses commands that are native to macOS, but you can personalize to create custom shortcuts for showing rulers, or toggling between ruler themes!

Light Mode 💡

In the end, cowards are those who follow the dark side. (Dark theme is cool too tho)

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Golden ratio without the math.​​